Maros near Szeged, Hungary

The last day of 2017 started with clouds and rain. However, the forecast predicted a calm, even sunny afternoon. So, we decided to visit this beautiful place near Szeged where  the rivers Tisza and Maros meet.


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The Maros

Szeged and the Tisza

River Tisza begins in Ukraine and travels through Romania and Hungary before joining the Danube in Serbia. Because of the several floods, the Tisza was regulated in 19th century. However, this regulation, executed irregularly, threatened Szeged, a city on the Tisza, with severe floods. Indeed, the most severe flood in the history of the city happened around 2 A.M. on 12.03.1879.  After the devastating flood, citizens of Szeged made the pledge to build a cathedral. The construction of it was complete in 1930, and it is the forth biggest church in Hungary.

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Votive Church, Szeged

The city is also famous for its University, for its handball team, sponsored by Pick Szeged – a meat products producing company -, and for paprika. This spice was used by  Albert Szent-Györgyi, a Nobel prize laureate  in Physiology or Medicine, as a source for vitamin C.


The Maros (or Mureș in Rominian) begins in Romania and its more peaceful than the Tisza. The river, which is of 789 km long, has a very short section, 73km, in Hungary. Along the Maros are many cities and towns in Romania. Amongst them, Arad where the leaders of the Hungarian war of independence against Austria were executed on 06.10.1849. In Hungary, Mako, a town known for its  garlic and onion production, is the largest settlement visited by the Maros before it meets the Tisza on the  outskirts of Szeged.

Where the Maros meets the Tisza

When we arrived, it was cloudy and relatively cold. It was also very quiet. We reckon, it was because everybody was preparing for the new year’s eve. We approached the Maros via Szoreg, and parked our car on the field as close to the river as possible. Although the place is surrounded by patches of woods, the rivers and the city, we could still feel endlessness of the Great Hungarian Plain. As the day went on, the clouds broke and the Sun came out making it ideal to make photos and shoot clips for our short video about our walk. Since this winter was relatively mild, we even spotted a colony of mushrooms. Our clothes got a bit dirty but we really like the photo we got.

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When we decided to walk back to the car and leave, to our biggest surprise, some roe deer appeared. As you can see in our video, they also enjoyed the last sunny afternoon of 2017.

You can watch the video here, if you have not done it yet🙂.


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