Dogs in Hasselt

Back in 2016, I drove to Hasselt in Belgium. The trip was about 18 hours, and with the help of Coca-Cola Zero, I enjoyed every minute of it. The snowy German motorway, the Autobahn, was a very lovely scene. Although, I reckon, some of the drivers with their overturned or jackknifed lorries would have not agreed on this with me.

This was my second visit to Hasselt, a very lovable city in Limburg, Belgium, not very far from the Dutch border. The city tracks back its origin to the 7th century. It has a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. I had my first Duvel here with the indispensable Salted Peanuts. This one was followed by some others such as Leffe and, of course, Jupiler. This latter brand is the main sponsor of the Belgian national football team.

To be continued with photos… Stay tuned 🙂